Exploring the Mysteries
Blood Stem Cell

We are taking a journey to uncover the mysteries in biology of hematopoietic stem cell (HSC),
forming cells and to open a door of new therapy for future biomedicine.


  • 01

    The influence of inflammation on HSC and immune cell function

    We address the question how inflammation impacts on hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) and immune cell function using various inflammatory mouse models such as infection, autoimmunity, allergy etc. Our previous findings that HSC can adapt hematopoietic program to be resistant to infection, tissue damage via innate immune signals suggest potential linkages between inflammation and hematopoietic alterations such as clonal hematopoiesis and hematologic disorders.

  • 02

    Aging effects on HSC cell fate decision and its microenvironment

    Aging of hematopoietic system involves thymic involution, memory B/T cell expansion, enhanced myelopoiesis and HSC changes, all together increasing risk of inflammatory diseases and cancer in many organs. Thus, understanding of cell intrinsic (HSC) and extrinsic (niche) signals will help to develop a new measure to prevent/treat aging-associated diseases.

  • 03

    Human HSC and its niche biology using next generation humanized mice

    A developmental tissue engineering approach has allowed us to create human bone organs from human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells, that can maintain functional HSCs. Through genetic manipulation, we study the cellular and molecular components of the human BM niche for understanding disease and preclinically testing new therapies.


Understand of the physiology and pathophysiology of hematopoietic stem cells.

Director and Professor



  • Publications2021-2023

    GPRC5C Drives Branched-Chain Amino Acid Metabolism in Leukemogenesis

    Zhang YW, Velasco-Hernandez T, Mess J, Lalioti ME, Romero-Mulero MC, Obier N, Karantzelis N, Rettkowski J, Schönberger K, Karabacz N, Jäcklein K, Morishima T, Trincado JL, Romecin P, Martinez-Moreno A, Takizawa H, Shoumariyeh K, Renders S, Zeiser R, Pahl HL, Béliveau F, Hébert J, Lehnertz B, Sauvageau G, Menendez P, Cabezas-Wallscheid N

    Blood Adv., 2023 Aug 28;bloodadvances. 2023010460. doi: 10.1182/bloodadvances.2023010460

  • Publications2021-2023

    IL-6 Levels Correlate with Prognosis and Immunosuppressive Stromal Cells in Patients with Colorectal Cancer

    Yamamoto T, Tsunedomi R, Nakajima M, Suzuki N, Yoshida S, Tomochika S, Xu M, Nakagami Y, Matsui H, Tokumitsu Y, Shindo Y, Watanabe Y, Iida M, Takeda S, Hazama S, Tanabe T, Ioka T, Hoshii Y, Kiyota A, Takizawa H, Kawakami Y, Ueno T, Nagano H*

    Ann Surg Oncol., 2023 Aug;30(8):5267-5277. doi: 10.1245/s10434-023-13527-y

  • Invited lectures

    Mitochondrial Translation Drives Erythroid Differentiation via Iron Homeostasis

    Hitoshi Takizawa

    Gordon Research Conferences for Red Cells, June 4-9, 2023, Newport, USA


Message to prospective students

We are seeking for ambitious, forward-thinking students for master and PhD. Our lab provides those with strong motivation and passion toward science, an intellectual and technical opportunity to explore the world of blood system.

We are all committed to investigating the cellular and molecular mechanisms governing hematopoietic stem cell behavior in health and disease, and to making progress in and contributions to both basic science and clinical applications.

Your dedication to generate human knowledge and develop therapy will open new future in human society.